During his career, Greg McKenna has given 100s of presentations, from the local Chamber of Commerce to global investor conferences.  If you are looking for an engaging, energetic presenter who can make economics fun and interesting and relevant to your audience, then Greg’s your guy.


  • The Economy – Global, Australian, Regional, Local
  • The Economy  and your business
  • Consumers – what behaviours are they displaying and what does it mean for the economy and you
  • Housings – where to next
  • The Aussie Dollar – What drives it? Where’s it headed.
  • Interest Rates, the RBA and You



About Greg

Some of you will know me from the markets where I have worked for most of my career since joining the Westpac dealing room in 1988, while others have followed my writing from my personal blog, MacroBusiness and now Business Insider Australia where I write on economics and markets and which I am proud to say is Australia’s number 1 business website.

For those who are here with completely fresh eyes I’m a bloke who grew up in Sydney’s west, saw a fellow by the name of Peter Chan on telly when the dollar floated in 1983 and decided I wanted to be an FX dealer.

I was lucky enough to enter the Westpac dealing room when I was still 18 (money market, not FX end htough) and have worked in sales, trading, portfolio management, market strategy (FX and Interest rates mainly) and then got back into the plumbing of global finance during the GFC as Treasurer of a regional Australian bank – The Newcastle Permanent Building Society.

Now at 45 with two kids a lovely wife and 26 years on I am motivated by sharing my knowledge of markets and economics both with businesses, who want to turn the gobbledegook that is economics into something relevant to themselves and their business and clients as well as traders whether new, learning or long term learn and hone their craft to a level that will deliver sustainable long term profitability.

Hence the website, the offering of my trading systems and other systems I believe in. Hence the offering of economic insights at a macro and sectoral level and hence the offering of mentorships and trading courses.

Whether you are interested in a career in trading, just want to understand the economic landscape your business operates in a bit better or just see what I have to say I hope you’ll find the website useful.